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TBD Vaccination Policy

Posted: 2 December, 2021


Please read and respond to our Vaccination Policy which we have developed to manage the risk to our staff and business as we move into the Covid Protection Framework (traffic lights). We appreciate the service you provide to us so please get in touch if this will cause an issue in you continuing that service.

Policy overview

TBD Ltd premises at 72 Abel Smith St, Wellington, are producers of design and printed goods and supplies essential products to a number of industries.

As an essential business we wish to minimise the risk of transmission of Covid-19 between our team members and our suppliers and service providers. While we follow public health measures such as physical distancing and the wearing of face coverings, we believe these do not sufficiently minimise the risk in our business.
As we are committed to the protection of all parties we have made the decision to only allow fully vaccinated contract workers and visitors to visit our site. This policy will come into effect on 3rd December 2021.

This policy has been established after completing a risk assessment in line with guidance from WorkSafe and in discussion with our team.

Effective from the start date it is the sole responsibility of suppliers, service providers and visitors to the site to ensure that anyone attending the premises is fully vaccinated.

Their vaccination status will also be required to be sustained in accordance with the New Zealand Ministry of Health, Public Health Orders and Guidance regarding the administering of vaccine boosters.

The health and safety issues created by the pandemic may evolve as the COVID-19 virus mutates and/ or as the number of cases in the community changes. This vaccination policy may change accordingly to manage these issues.


This policy applies to all suppliers and service providers, (e.g. contractors, consultants, and suppliers of goods, services or works), clients, friends and associates

Vaccination requirement for Visitors

Any visits to the Company will be undertaken in compliance with this policy. Those attending the site will also be required to follow the requirements of the applicable Government alert level at all times, as well as the PPE requirements of the Company.

Any visitors/contractors must be vaccinated and provide official evidence of their vaccination status before they can commence their engagement and/or enter the facility. The Company reserves the right to terminate the contractor’s engagement if the contractor does not provide sufficiently acceptable evidence of their vaccination status.
Suppliers and service providers who share false, misleading and/or medically unverified information about vaccination may have their ability to provide goods or services to the company terminated.

All contractors/visitors will be required to continue to wear mandated PPE and follow required hygiene standards in line with Government and Company requirements.

Breaches of this policy

Where any individual is dishonest about their vaccination status or dishonest about being infected with COVID-19 or potentially being exposed to COVID-19, their actions may be grounds for refusal to provide further goods or services to the Company and where a contract is in place this may constitute grounds for termination of that contract.

In order to maintain the privacy of individuals we will not request you to supply an individual’s personal information, however we will be using the NZ Pass Verifier app on site to confirm their vaccine status.

Policy changes

The content of this policy may change on an ongoing basis in line with evidence-based practice, levels of community spread, changes in Government restrictions or controls, and as our understanding of the virus and how it spreads is developed. Potential changes to the risk profile may occur when New Zealand opens its regional and then international borders. We will communicate any such change with organisations affected by any change.

Enquiries regarding this policy should be directed to:

John Serepisos
Managing Director