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Ngati Tama

Annual Report

TBD created a 2018 Annual Report for Ngāti Tama to document its activities and finances from the previous financial year.

The report has a clean and modern approach with bright colour and strong photographic elements. Ngāti Tama has a rich history and culture which is represented through symbolism, colour and type.

The main colour used effectively throughout the document is a bright olive-green reminiscent of native bush. A pea-green shade is used as a secondary colour. The colours compliment each other with the olive green adding a more earthy, warm tone in the design while the brighter secondary green adds more of a pop to statements, titles, and infographics.

The logo’s carved bone Manaia is used as a motif on the pages and adds a symbol of cultural significance while also being sparing enough to not overwhelm the content. It is implied with outline and texture, giving a contemporary feeling to the design while allowing for Ngāti Tama’s heritage to shine through.

Image - TBD Digital
2 Images - TBD Digital
2 Images - TBD Digital

The typography used in the document achieves overall readability and a stylish design through the use of clean and modern san-serifs for the body copy and subheadings. The titles stand out with the use of an elegant slab serif. TBD aimed to speak to the history and culture of Ngāti Tama with the traditional and slightly vintage-looking title font.

Spread image - TBD Digital

The other alternatives considered were more shades of saturated greens and more textures for more detail. Ultimately, the compromises that were made throughout the design process involved making sure the overall design was clean, readable, and modern by reducing the amount of photography and sticking to a simpler colour palette.

Full spread 1 - TBD Digital
Full spread 2 - TBD Digital

To conclude, TBD created a well-structured document with a strong design theme in a contemporary style that easily showed the cultural significance of the company. TBD met objectives such as easy readability, a good flow between pages, and clear infographics. The overall effect is an engaging and clear report for Ngāti Tama.

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